Stakes are High

This is a collection of essays titled “Stakes are High: Brazil and the future of the Global Internet”. It has been organized in preparation to NETmundial, and includes essays by Wolfgang Schulz, Markus Kummer, Markus Beckedhal, Juliana Nolasco, Ronaldo Lemos and others.

The collection was produced as a part of the Internet Policy Observatory, a program at the Center for Global Communication Studies, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. It was edited and curated by a steering committee including Ellery Roberts Biddle of Global Voices, Ronaldo Lemos of the Rio Institute for Technology and Society, and Monroe Price of the Annenberg School for Communication. They were assisted by Alexandra Esenler, Laura Schwartz-Henderson, and Briar Smith.

These essays capture part of the state of play before NETmundial and should be useful to frame the discussions about Internet Governance coming forward.

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