Course: Understanding Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights

The course “Understanding Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights” discuss the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet with the best team of experts on the subject, among them some of the idealizers of the Law making-process.

The Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet has been hailed as an inspiration to other countries regarding the regulation of the internet. Sir Tim-Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, has called it “a very good example of how governments can play a positive role in advancing web rights and keeping the web open”.


– net neutrality

– privacy

– liability of intermediaries

– protection of personal data

– other topics addressed by the law, always analyzing legal opinions and Courts decisions in which Law 12.965/2014 has being applied in Brazil.

Regulating the Internet is a complex challenge. Brazil has spent 7 years building the Marco Civil. This experience leads to many lessons and learning opportunities mapped by this course.