Data Portability and Privacy (live)

A Talk With Bijan Madhani, Manager of Privacy and Public Policy at Facebook

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8 de June de 2020


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Data portability – the person’s right to transfer data among digital services – is one of the most innovative, yet challenging of current topics. On one hand, it gives the person more choice and control over their data, which foments innovation and competition. Yet on the other hand, it raises many issues, such as for example, who is responsible for protecting the data during its migration to another service?


On the 15th of October, 2:30 p.m., we received a visit from Bijan Madhani, manager of privacy and public policy at Facebook, who arrives in Brazil to debate this topic in a special live event broadcast via Facebook. Madhani will explore the issues mentioned in Facebook’s recent white paper of the subject (in English).


The chat is in English.


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Data portability and privacy with Bijan Madhani