Webinar: Artificial Intelligence, Democracy, and The Law

July 13th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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9 de July de 2020


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online event in partnership with German Embassy in Brazil

Digital technologies are in the process of reconfiguring our democracy. While we seek guidance in this process, the relationship between technology and democracy is unclear and seems to be in flux. Are technology and democracy mirroring each other?

The internet was first acclaimed as genuinely democratic technology and a definitive facilitator of democracy. Now, it is often perceived as a major threat. The history of artificial intelligence (AI) may turn out to be the exact opposite. While there are many reforms in AI as a threat or even as the end of democracy, many highlight the democratic potentials of AI.

The debate presented the prospects for the construction of AI and its impacts on the future of democracy. How do law and jurisprudence relate to these issues? Reflect on the possibility and need to democratize AI from a legal and jurisprudential perspective by analyzing different ways to democratize AI.

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