MIT-Brasil Lemann Seed Fund

Building radically transformative online teaching methodologies

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ITS Rio works in partnership with MIT Media Lab in this project. Among the goals of this cooperation are the definition of methodologies to promote new formats of interacting and engaging in online communities and in the area of education mediated by the Internet. Through this partnership, we seek to ally ITS Rio’s experience in capacity building and online courses to the tools of collaboration of online education and research of the MIT MediaLab.

We believe in the potential of online education, especially because it allows for greater access to better education for all and, in particular, in emerging countries. The coupling of innovative tools and methodologies and the institutions’ experiences in this field allow them to work in partnership aiming at a new framework to approach and disseminate the use of online courses. ITS Rio and MIT MediaLab collaborate to design together the best course format, capable of engaging and creating a consistent community that supports impactful and innovative education.

Besides ITS Rio’s and MIT’s research teams, this project also involves independent researchers: Ana Luisa de Araujo Santos, Marcelo Castro, Marco Tulio da Silva Lima and Viviane Vladimirschi.