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Varandas ITS is a series of periodic encounters organized by the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS Rio) to promote informal gatherings about technology, politics, culture, society, democracy and other areas related to our work. The encounters take place at our balcony, with a breath-taking view of the Sugar Loaf during sunset, with beer tastings of artisanal beers brewed by do-it-yourself producers.

The encounters are always recorded on video and audio and made available on our website. Therefore, ITS Rio builds a solid basis of interventions and opinions about diverse and important issues to the future of the technology and society debate.

Access the playlist on ITS Rio YouTube channel.


#01 Cybersecurity

With Adam Segal (Council on Foreign Relations).

#02 Civil Rights Framework of the Internet

With DF Alessandro Molon.

#03 Bitcoin

With Alexandre Linhares (member of Clube de Roma, researcher and professor at EBAPE/FGV), Gabriel Aleixo (researcher at ITS Rio) and Gustavo Chamati (CFO of Mercado Bitcoin).

#04 Fashion Law : Fashion, Law and Technology

With Deborah Portilho, lawyer and professor, Paula Acioli, Specialist in Fashion by the London College of Fashion and Felipe Venetiglio, fouder and CEO of the app Dujour,.

#05 Fellows 2014/15

Part 1: Allison Burtch, Kate Krontiris and Primavera de Filippi. Part 2: Amalia Deloney, Amar Ashar and Malavika Jayaram.

#06 – Virtual Reality

With Gabriel Brasil (journalist, designer and illustrator), Franey Nogueira (visual artist), mediated by Alexandre Roldão (LabMídia, executive director from Navegador, innovation programme at TV channel Globonews) and Rafael Coimbra (TV presenter from “Futuro: modo de usar“, at TV channel GloboNews).

#07 – Maker movement and privacy MIT Media Lab

With Eric Rosenbaum (MIT Media Lab) and Tim Ridout (German Marshall Fund of the US).

#08 – Authors of the book “A vida em rede” (“Life on web”)

With Ronaldo Lemos (ITS) and Massimo di Felice (USP/La Sapienza), for the launch of the co-authored book “A Vida em Rede”.

#09 – Privacy and surveillance with EFF and Panoptyon

In partnership with Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Panoptykon Foundation.


#10 – Humor and Freedom of Expression

With Hélio de La Peña, one of the founders of the magazine “Casseta Popular” and participant of the TV show “Casseta & Planeta”, and Luis Lobianco, Brazilian actor and comedian, participant of the YouTube channel “Porta dos Fundos”.

#11 – Participation, Democracy and Technology

With Ethan Zuckerman (director of the Center for Civic Media from MIT Media) and Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia/Institute of Humanities from Viena). Mediated by Lucia Nader (Member of the board at ITS Rio and fellow from Open Society Foundations).

#12 – Why does Information Grow? The evolution of the Order: from Atoms to Economy

With César Hidalgo, professor at MIT and at MIT Media Lab, specialist in complexity, evolution and networks, wordly known for his projects of data visualization.

#13 – Architecture, Urbanism and Culture

With Barry Bergdoll (professor at Columbia University and curator at the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA), Arto Lindsay (musician and cultural reviewer) and Washington Fajardo (from Rio de Janeiro City Hall).

#14 – Fellows 2015/16 – Marginalized Communities in the Digital Era

With Daniel Arnaudo (University Of Washington’s Center for Global Studies) and Payal Arora (Erasmus University of Rotterdam).

#15 – Fellows 2015/16 – Hacking Policy in the Digital Era

With Florian Martin-Bariteau (University of Montreal), Gemma Clavell (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona) and Karima Smouk (University of Montreal).

#16 – Democracy, Political Reform and Participation

With Márlon Reis (Judge in Maranhão/Creator of the Movement “Lei Da Ficha Limpa” that led to this law approval).

#17 – Connected Schools and Technology in Education

With Anna Livia Arida (director from “Minha Sampa”), Diogo Moyses (Consultant) and Heloísa Mesquita (Former manager from “Ginásio Experimental Carioca”).

#18 – Fragmented and regionalized Internet

With Frédéric Martel, author from the book “Smart: O Que Você Não Sabe Sobre a Internet”.

#19 – Privacy and Personal Data Protection at OAS

With David P. Stewart, rapporteur of OAS principles of privacy and personal data protection.

#20 – #AgoraÉQueSãoElas

With  Alessandra Orofino (co-founder of the network “Nossas Cidades”), Gabriela Agustini (founder of Olabi Makerspace) and Manoela Miklos (creator of “Não Tem Conversa” and #AgoraÉQueSãoElas).

#21 – Surveillance on the Internet

With Stéphane Bourliataux-Lajoinie (professor at Universidade de Tours).


#22 – Three Visions about about Brazil

With Lilia Schwarcz (historian), Alberto da Costa e Silva (diplomat and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters) and Luiz Eduardo Soares (author of the book “Elite da Tropa”).

#23 – Vanguards, Underground and Piracy

With Marcus Boon, professor of University of York (Toronto), journalist, writer and researcher.

#24 – Varanda ITS with Berkman Center – Racism in Latin-American Internet

With Rob Faris, research director at Berkman Center at Harvard University, Niousha Roshani, fellow of the Berkman Center at Harvard University, and Paulo Rogerio Nunes, affiliated to the Berkman Center.

#25 – The Largest Electronic Dumpsite in the World

With André Fran, Michel Coeli and Rodrigo Cebrian, members of the team of TV show “Que Mundo É Esse?”, broadcasted by GloboNews.

#26 – Technology in Childhood Education

With Maúna Baldini, manager at EduqMais, Filipe Aviz and Suzani Figueira, illustrators and creators of Pipipum, and Tonia Casarin, specialist in socio-emotional education and project coordinator at ITS Rio.

#27 – The Frontiers of Augmented Reality

With Mathieu de Fayet, vice-president of Strategic Partnerships of Niantic Labs, responsible for the development of Pokémon GO, and Arthur Protasio, founder of the production company Fableware.

#28 – Africa: Culture and History

With Alberto da Costa e Silva, historian, diplomat, poet, writer and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, and Thiago de Paula Souza, reseracher with focus on ethnic-racial relations, Afro-brazilian art and contemporary practices in curatorship.

#29 – Middle East

With Marco Lucchesi, poet, writer, translator, professor and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters and from Accademia Lucchese delle Scienze, Lettere e Arti.

#30 – Rethinking NGOs

With Lucia Nader, human rights defender and activist and memeber of the board of ITS Rio, Gabi Agustini, founder and director of Olabi Makerspace, and Juliana Nolasco, special advisor of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and consultant of ITS Rio.

#31 – Open Data in Journalism

With Amanda Rossi, producer at TV Globo, Giulliana Bianconi, co-director of the magazine “Gênero e Número”, and Marco Túlio Pires, global coordinator of the School of Data.

#32 – Algorithms, transparency and curatorship of information in the Internet

With Danilo Doneda, consultant of ITS Rio and member of board on privacy at Global Pulse from the United Nations, and Virgílio Almeida, visiting professor the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University and associate professor at Berkman Klein Center in Harvard.

#33 – Coworking, Cities and Entrepreneurship

With Ana Carolina Tomasini, Nex Rio’s manager, Herman Bessler, founder of Templo coworking, Journey and MALHA, and Lucas Djahjah, director at Rastro.


#34 – Contemporary education and digital technologies

With Ronaldo Mota, dean of Estácio de Sá University.

#35 – Privacy in Brazil

With ITS Rio’s Research Group.

#36 – Makers e digital education

With Carolina Althaller, director of communication for Olabi, and Dando de Antares, coordinator of the Marginow Project and founder of C.R.I.A – Revolutionary Center for Innovation and Art.

#37 – ITS Rio + Piauí Magazine: fake news and post-truth

With Carlos Affonso Souza, director of ITS Rio, Cristina Tardáguila, director of Agência Lupa, and Daniela Pinheiro, reporter for Piauí magazine.