Chamada Pública: ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program 2018

O programa do ITS Rio está em sua 5ª edição e é voltado para pesquisadores de tecnologia e políticas públicas estrangeiros.

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15 de dezembro de 2017


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O Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio (ITS Rio) convida pesquisadores, estudantes e profissionais a aplicar para o ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program. O programa está em sua 5ª edição e já recebeu 24 fellows de vários países do mundo com um interesse em comum: tecnologia e suas interfaces com o Direito.

Os candidatos selecionados terão a oportunidade de trabalhar com a equipe que criou e desenvolveu o Marco Civil da Internet, uma lei que garante e promove a proteção dos direitos fundamentais na Internet, incluindo a privacidade, neutralidade da rede e liberdade de expressão. Além disso, os fellows poderão escolher uma de nossas quatro principais áreas de trabalho para desenvolver suas pesquisas:

Democracia e Tecnologia (inteligência artificial, engajamento cívico, participação online e outros)

Direitos e Tecnologia (identidade digital, identidade soberana, i.a., conectividade, acessibilidade, desigualdade e outros)

Educação (propriedade intelectual, empreendedorismo digital, ensino online e outros)

Repensando a Inovação (blockchain, bitcoin, novos modelos de desenvolvimento, processos econômicos e sociais)

O ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program representa uma oportunidade única para pessoas interessadas em aprofundar seus conhecimentos sobre o contexto tecnológico brasileiro. A equipe do instituto preparou um programa intensivo de quatro semanas, que inclui uma série de reuniões com parceiros do ITS no Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo.

Conheça os fellows de anos anteriores.


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Fellows 2017

Fellows 2017 e o que eles disseram sobre a experiência

Felix Krupar

The ITS Fellowship was everything I had hoped it to be, and more. It was an exciting month of meeting impressive people from academia and other lines of work concerned with internet and technology. The program was full of inspiring meetings and gave me the opportunity to not only talk to some of my sources of inspiration but also to present my own work. The institute and all of its members, starting from the directors, are the coolest and kindest folks and made us feel welcome at any time. Obviously the city, with its culture, nightlife and beaches, helps in making this on of the most interesting fellowships around. Thanks guys, it was a blast! 10/10 would apply again 😉




Gloria Guerrero

The ITS Global Policy Fellowship gave me a broad and interdisciplinary introduction to today’s challenges around Internet legislation not only in Latin America but in the world. The policy creation process of Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights is a “must-know” for any Internet researcher in the field. This program and team gathered experienced, skilled, and kind people with whom I had amazing and enlighting discussions. During my time in Rio, I expanded my ideas and network. I am honored to be part of ITS family.



Hugo Zylberberg

This Fellowship was an incredible opportunity to take time off and explore some of my research topics (data protection, privacy, fake news) from a different perspective. In Brazil, thanks to the ITS, I discovered a deep ecosystem of academics, companies, tech entrepreneurs, non-profits and public officials and I am now trying to incorporate their perspective into my work. The cohort of Fellows was very diverse and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful to the great folks at ITS, who introduced us to the fascinating work they’re doing but also to their beautiful country and city. Overall, a great experience that I would recommend for anyone who is looking to get a different perspective on the issues s.he is working on – and a great way to discover Brazil and enrich your understanding of the world!




Jaclyn Sawyer

The ITS Fellowship was an incredible opportunity to work across disciplines and cultures, and gain valuable insight into how social issues, universal in nature, impact Brasil, within a global context. The fellowship helped me strengthen my network with like-minded analysts, technologists, and social policy professionals, building colleagues and friends. The experience was thoughtfully designed: beginning with a very warm welcome to Rio from the ITS team, inviting an interesting and diverse group of fellows, and providing us with meetings, opportunities for collaboration, and exposure to work in various sectors, from grassroots community organizing to global technology corporations. The fellowship was game changing for me; helped me hit the ‘reset’ button on my professional trajectory and build new directions in my work, inspired by my time and community in Rio.



Léa Richard

The ITS Rio Global Policy Fellowship was a life changing experience, no less. The one-month format and condensed schedule allows to take a step back and reflect on long due research ideas and projects while forcing you to make the best of many networking opportunities. ITS Rio’s pluridisciplinary approach and top notch expertise made for so many enlightening and privileged conversations. The International School of Law and Technology was an excellent way to delve deeper into current and upcoming global and regional policy challenges at a crucial time for Brazil’s digital future. The Carioca experience was not to be outdone and the incredibly welcoming ITS team made sure we were up for a fun and enriching time. I am so grateful for the long lasting relationships we built there.



Patrick Towell

Being involved in the global policy research fellowship programme at ITS Rio was an honour and a pleasure. ITS is recognised and respected by a wide range of stakeholders in business, policymaking, academia and social innovation – and that ‘reflected glory’ rubs off on you as a fellow. The calibre of people that you have conversations with – from senior people in IBM and Facebook to hacker clubs and online community action networks – is high. The ITS team and extended ‘family’ of associates, partners and friends – together with your fellow fellows, there were 6 others alongside me in July 2017 – provide a great support network and intellectual challenge. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the fellowship programme, and the way ITS host and facilitate it, give you space – as a researcher and/or mid-career professional – to reflect on the state of the world, your own practice and how you might use the latter to help the former.