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inscrições até 01/01
início do curso 01/01


inscrições até 01/01 | início do curso 01/01


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in company

Companies must constantly qualify their leaders and staff, so they can sustain the business and conduct their teams to achieve the desired results and goals.

With this in mind, ITS created courses to qualify, train, and develop staff in a corporate environment. In this category of courses, you can acquire a plan with spots for your leaders and employees to enroll in and learn about the latest technological advancements and how this impacts our society.

The In-Company courses are split into 2 categories:

  1. Business plans
  2. Tailor-made plans

On the Business Plan, there are discounts for courses with spots available.

On a Tailor-made Plan, courses are prepared specially for your business, considering your needs and can be online or in-house.

online courses


Online courses in real-time are offered to persons and as business plans for training and development of leaders and staff. Companies receive discounts and added benefits to qualify their team with the latest knowledge of the technology field.

HR can decide what are the needs of the company throughout the year and select the courses ITS offers in its schedule (15 – 20 courses). ITS has created over 70 courses in this category.

Course format and certification

Classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long

Live debates with recommended reading sent beforehand to the students

Participation in a Facebook group, where students and professors can discuss

Classes are available up to 6 months after enrollment in the course

Certification of Completion is available for students that attend at least 75% of the online classes in real-time

Certification of Participation is available to students that watch all the recorded classes

Courses with enrollment open

Copyright: from theory to practice

Ephemeral Art and its protection

Follow the money: brands, fake news, and advertising

Algorithms and emotions: intersections between psychology, economy, and communication

Technology and Gender: intersections and challenges

Innovation in the Public Sector: challenges and trends in the digital era

Tailor-made Courses

ITS has created several Tailor-made Courses for business partners. You select the topic of technology, society, and current trends that best fits the needs of your company.

Then, ITS will create the content and select the professors, who will then use their own methodology to create classes adequate for your company’s needs. 

The course can be in-person at your company or online in real-time with up to 1000 students in a virtual environment.

More than 5000 students have studied in a tailor-made business course by ITS.

Courses already offered to companies:

  1. Communication for Social Causes in practice
  2. Digital payments
  3. Connected Youth: opportunities and challenges in the Digital Era
  4. Privacy and Online Security
  5. Theory of Change

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