Legal Position on the Right to be Forgotten

Ronaldo Lemos apresenta parecer sobre Direito ao Esquecimento na UNESCO, sobre o tema de Privacidade online e liberdade de expressão. Leia abaixo:


The 57th meeting of the IPDC Bureau agreed on the topic of ‘Online privacy and freedom of expression’
for the thematic debate at the 29th Council Session in November 2014. There are issues related to
protection of each of these two rights online. The topic connects to Resolution 52 concerning Internetrelated
issues, adopted by the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in 2013. Five invited experts will
have the opportunity to present at the session, with Council Members discussing the issues raised. The
debate will be referenced in the Internet-related issues study, which itself will be presented to the 38th
General Conference in November 2015. Regional representation and gender balance have been taken into
account when inviting experts.