Digital Law Specialization

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Postgraduate Course (Digital Law Specialization)

In a scenario of technological innovation and changes in the legal market, as well as aiming to provide professional updating with the most relevant contemporary legal trends, the Institute for Technology and Society (ITS Rio), in a partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) and the Center for Study and Research in the Teaching of Law (CEPED), offers a specialization in Digital Law (specialization), with online classes, live and in real-time, with a workload of 390 hours and duration of 24 months.

The course offers a unique and unprecedented project in the legal scenario, with an interdisciplinary structure, very current topics and an online and live format, through a virtual platform, which allows the training of professionals beyond Rio de Janeiro. ITS Rio has students from various regions of Brazil and even abroad, which also occurs in its specialization. This allows the quality of the two institutions, ITS and UERJ, to be within reach of anyone interested in training. In addition, it provides students with direct contact with leading researchers, authors and professionals in the field of Law and Technology.

The course program was structured considering the current challenges of lawyers in a connected world, where technology isn’t only a work tool, but also a promising field of work. Become knowledgeable in topics such as the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), electronic contracts, Intermediary Liability, digital crimes, blockchain, and artificial intelligence and be ready for the challenges of Law in a digital era.

The specialization can be attended with its complete program (three semesters) in 18 months of online and live classes, with the delivery of articles that will compose the student’s semester grade, in addition to the preparation of the Final Paper at the end, or in Modularized form, in the format of an extension course, with three independent semester courses, with the issuance of a Certificate of Participation at the end of each semester, provided that all the requirements contained in the student manual.

A lato sensu postgraduate course (specialization) in Brazil takes about 18 months to complete. The course content is designed to build on the knowledge obtained at undergraduate degree level. A postgraduate is a student who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree level course at a college or university and is undertaking further study at a more advanced level. It is a type of graduate degree, but it does not confer a master’s degree.

Why study this course?

Because you will have the the quality of UERJ and the expertise in online classes of ITS;

Because you will partake in the latest and most relevant debates on Digital Law, based on solid case studies;

Because you will get in touch with leading researchers and professionals in the Law and Technology field;

Because you have the choice to study the specialization as a complete program, as independent modules or even as an extension program;

Because you can study the course in a schedule that fits you, and watch lectures wherever you are;

Because you will have a Specialist Degree from UERJ, one of Brazil’s top universities in Law.

The Postgraduate Course (Digital Law Specialization) is the result of a partnership with the Institute for Technology and Society (ITS), the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) and the Center for Studies and Research in Law Education (CEPED).


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Specialization course

List of modules and their subjects:

First half of 2023 – Digital Law and Innovation in the Public Sector (workload of 120 hours)

– Brazilian General Data Protection Law – 30 hours;

– The future of work and new Technologies – 15 hours;

– Disinformation, Hate Speech and Internet Regulation – 15 hours;

– International Law and Jurisdiction on the Internet – 15 hours;

– Criminal Law and Internet – 15 hours;

– Tax Law and Internet – 15 hours;

– Advanced Topics in Digital Law – 15 hours;


Second half of 2023 – Digital Law and Private Relationships (workload of 120 hours)

– Personality Rights and New Technologies – 15 hours;

– Intermediary Liability – 15 hours;

– Electronic contracts – 15 hours;

– Technologies and risk Society – 15 hours;

– Copyright on the Internet – 15 hours;

– Consumer Rights on the Internet – 15 hours;

– Industrial Property and Technology – 15 hours;

– Advanced Topics in Digital Law – 15 hours;

– Research Methodology – 15 hours;


First half of 2024 – Digital Law and New Technologies (workload of 120 hours)

– Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Technology – 15 hours;

– Blockchain and Law – 15 hours;

– Legal aspects of startups – 15 hours;

– Smart cities – 15 hours;

– Fintech – 15 hours;

– Machine Learning and Programming for Lawyers – 15 hours;

– Advanced Topics in Digital Law – 15 hours;


– Research Methodology (workload of 30 hours)



*Discipline syllabus are subject to updates and content changes throughout the course.

*The professors responsible for the disciplines invite specialists and market professionals to compose the teaching staff throughout the course.

Extension course

The specialization program in Digital Law is composed of 3 modules, each one a semester long. Each module has an hourly schedule of 120 hours.

If a student wishes to enroll in a module separately, they will receive an Extension Program certificate at the end of the semester.

However, if the student wishes to partake each module separately (without enrolling in the specialization as a whole), even so at the end of the program the student can enroll in the “Creation of the Final Paper” module*, which contains the subjects “Research Methodology” and “Final Paper”. 

To do so, it is necessary to express interest in starting the third module, preparing the basic project of Final Paper, and having successfully completed the three separate modules with the presentation and approval of the articles. It will also be necessary to send the mandatory documentation to enroll in the specialization. Upon completion and approval of the Final Paper, the student will be entitled to a specialization certificate in Digital Law.

*In these cases, a fee in the amount of R$ 700.00 will be charged for hiring the elaboration module (an advisor professor will be appointed) and the correction of the Final Paper.


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Registration starts from: 04 de May

deadline: 30 de July

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