Result for the 2024 ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program

The Institute will convene researchers from different countries of the world for its Fellowship Program

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8 de February de 2024

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The Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro (ITS) has released the list of approved candidates for the 8th edition of the Global Policy Fellowship Program 2024. The group’s objective will be to help build a more open and connected world from Brazil and the Global South’s perspective.

ITS’s team received applications from every continent of the world and selected ten researchers to form a team with interdisciplinary knowledge. Meet the group:

1. Arianne Santoso
2. Francisco Sabando
3. Felipe Suárez Giri
4. Felix Treguer
5. Jakub Szymik
6. Jasmeen Gill
7. Julieta Murillas
8. June Okal
9. Kainen Bell
10. Lavelyne Muthin
11. Luis Obdulio
12. Luisa Herran
13. Marta Musidlowska
14. Pagon Gatchalee
15. Paolo Rivas
16. Samrat Banerjee
17. Valeria Tafoya
18. Yujie Fan