Dismantling disinformation botnets in Latin America.


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Atrapabot is a media literacy project built in partnership with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) that aims to strengthen the ecosystem to combat the use of robots to disseminate disinformation in Latin America. We believe that the coordinated use of automation to manipulate public debate and influence political decision-making must be addressed with transparency and media literacy. Thus, supporting the creation of narratives on the topic by researchers, investigative journalists and fact-checkers is essential to build the resilience of the different actors impacted by disinformation campaigns and to promote a public sphere that is more informed and aware of the phenomenon. 

As a result of the project, in addition to the launch of a tool for the detection of robots that understands the Spanish language, Atrapabot, we have made available a series of tutorials, blog posts and workshops to support a network of Latin organizations and researchers in the fight against disinformation in their countries.


In this tutorial you can understand how the Atrapabot tool works. Simply place a Twitter account handle (@) in the search bar to get a percentage analysis of how automated that account could be.


We conducted a series of three workshops with the participation of various actors from the Latin American civil society on automation and disinformation. The first workshop was an introduction to the theme of automation and disinformation, addressing the evolution of political communication and its relationship with new technologies. The second workshop brought the ecosystem of actors and strategies used to fight disinformation, contextualizing the discussion in the national scenarios. Finally, the third workshop presented a practical approach with the presentation of research and analysis tools on disinformation and automation such as Atrapabot, among others.


This set of tutorials includes a series of tools for automated disinformation analysis. The tools can be used to monitor content, anticipate trends, check images, track websites and identify automation. All have a description of uses, features and a step by step explaining how to use the feature. Access here.


Do you want to know more about automation and disinformation? Read about it in these blog posts written by the team. They cover topics such as introduction to the world of bots, criteria for identification and algorithmic action in the dissemination of false news.

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