Big Data in the Global South International Workshop

Meeting to reflect on the potential risks of Big Data without a legislative framework for the protection of human rights.

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Big Data has been causing profound transformations at the global level. Considering these developments, ITS Rio held, in 2015, a multi-sector discussion on the issue, involving researchers, journalists, public and private sector specialists and activists in the Global South. The debates addressed privacy, intellectual property and surveillance.

The aim of this workshop was to reflect upon the potential risks of this technology in the absence of a legal framework that encompasses rights while considering opportunities generated by the analyses of big data. The final goal of the project is to better inform public policies in this area. ITS Rio gathered some of the best specialists in the field to debate the directions of big data and how countries in the Global South can act as protagonists in the debate.

Click here to watch some of the interviews that took place during the workshop.