Connectivity at risk: Access to the internet as a right

Internet access is a fundamental right that must be preserved in Brazil and in the world

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Access to information is a right recognized by the United Nations that must be preserved. ITS Rio works constantly on guaranteeing that all Brazilians have a good quality and safe access to the Internet, at accessible prices.

In June 2015, for example, the Institute shared with ANATEL (Brazil’s National Agency on Telecommunications) the report “Connectivity at Risk: a Study on the Impact of the Blockage of Non-registered Cell phones in Brazil”. ITS Rio defends that the right to freedom of expression and access to the Internet to millions of Brazilians will be negatively affected in case this measure is adopted and it is especially harmful to lower income groups. ITS Rio also believes that the measure can produce impact on the right to privacy due to the creation of a database with information on these devices.

The Institute also advocates constantly on campaigns against the blockage of apps and it was responsible for the largest petition on this matter in Brazil, reaching almost 400.000 signatures. Our team develops amicus curiae briefs to impact the Supreme Court of Justice, assisting decision-making processes at the Legislative houses.