GOVTECH: Creating a Digital Agenda for Brazil

Event with 20 speakers and 400 participants from over 10 countries


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The event

Brazil is going through a critical moment, in which the population reflects on national policy, as well as how it interacts with the public sector.

In this context, the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio (ITS Rio) and BrazilLAB will hold the event GovTech between the 6th and 7th of August. The goal of this event is to help establish an agenda of innovation and technology for the Brazilian public sector.

The theme of this event is technology for government, which aims to make the public sector more efficient and less costly. Today, according to a study by the World Bank, Brazilians spend around 2000 hours (88 days) per year dealing with bureaucratic procedures.

We gathered around 50 speakers and 400 participants from over 10 countries to show how technology can change this scenario.

One of the speakers is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who was the president of Estonia from 2006 to 2016 – one of the most digital countries of the world, where the population interacts with the government online and processes such as a request for citizenship can be fulfilled in up to 48 hours.

Ronaldo Lemos (Director of ITS Rio) signs the curation of the event, along with Letícia Piccolotto Ferreira (Founder of BrazilLab), and Luciano Huck (entrepreneur and TV presenter).

Check out the full schedule for the event on the event website and find out how to watch its live stream.

Next edition in 2021.