Ranking Digital Rights

Ranking the best and worst companies with regard to their digital rights

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Internet and telecommunications companies increasingly influence individuals’ lives all over the world, especially concerning their political practices and civil rights. In that sense, these companies share with society the responsibility to respect and implement human rights’ protection measures. Ranking Digital Rights brings together a group of international researchers to develop evaluation and ranking methodologies of the most significant companies in the field of Communications and Information Technology (ICTs) in relation to their politics and practices on freedom of expression and privacy in the international regime of human rights.

The project has three goals: a) inform companies, individuals, users, consumers, civil society, academia, investors, governments and the public in general about the existing relation between ICTs and human rights; b) encourage enterprises to develop, present and manage their products and services in compliance with international human rights regimes; c) identify legal and political factors that limit or curb such companies to effectively respect consumers and users human rights’.

Ranking Digital Rights is a partnership between ITS Rio, New America Foundation, University of Pennsylvania and Internews Centre for Innovation and Learning.