AI in Cities: Perspectives from Brazil and Germany

schedule 06/12 às 11 am
enrollment deadline 01/01


06/12 às 11 am | enrollment deadline 01/01


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This event is co-organized with the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

What can an intelligent machine do for urban space governance? Perhaps more efficient power distribution, waste collection, and traffic management services? How can it impact public safety, access to services, and spaces? Has life in cities become simpler or riskier?

As AI-based technologies advance in capability and use in cities around the globe, examining the positive and negative implications of these technologies has become increasingly relevant. While these technologies have enormous potential to simplify urban life and the exercise of human rights, they can intentionally or inadvertently discriminate against individuals or groups of people in these spaces.

At Varanda ITS #125, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and its uses in cities, based on a comparative approach between the North and the Global South, having the Brazilian and German contexts as a backdrop. Besides, we will address the contrast of regulatory guidelines and draw parallels between use cases of AI-based technologies in cities, such as sandboxes, facial recognition, contact tracing, and much more. Celina Bottino, project director at ITS Rio, will mediate the debate, which will count on the participation of Polinho, data coordinator at data_labe, Christoph Lütge, director of the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and Clara Langevin, manager of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform of the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Brazil (C4IR Brazil).

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