(Un)predictable future: first and second sessions

palestrantes Allison Burtch, Amalia Deloney, Amar Ashar e mais 3.

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As part of ITS Global Fellowship Program 2014, ITS Rio organized two lectures on the research projects developed by the fellows during their stay at ITS Rio. Read more about each session below:

First Session

How can we build better tools to engage society in an open and democratic way? ITS Global Fellows discussed this issue in 2014, presenting different case studies. Allison Burtch introduced “Dumbsto.re: the most inclusive mobile app platform ever”. Kate Krontiris explained the importance and applicability of ethnographic approaches for civic technology. Primavera de Filippi presented the talk “Reinforcing information security: initiatives   that   purport   to   preserve   online   civil   liberties   through   the deployment   of   decentralized   applications”.

Second Session

In this session, fellows explored topics concerning government, freedom and underrepresented groups in the age of Internet. Amalia Delooney spoke about ways to ensure that minorities participate in debates about the future of the web. Amar Ashar presented his views on the issue of engagement with multi-stakeholder communities. Malavika Jayaram presented the talk “Identity, freedom, choice and informational self-determination in the age of Big Data”.

Date: July 29th, 2014


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First Session

First Session

Second Session

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