2nd International School of Law and Technology

A unique opportunity in Brazil to study today’s most relevant topics concerning the internet... Learn More

Copyright in the Digital World

A good way to respond to the challenges of digital technologies: keep it open. Learn More

Rethinking Culture, Rights and Technology

Solutions to current paradoxes that will affect our near future Learn More

Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights: Practical Application

One of the most innovative Laws in the world in the area of regulation of the Internet explained Learn More

Image Protection on the Internet

We share 2 billion images every day on the Internet. Who is entitled to this content? Learn More

Freedom of Speech and Responsibility

Freedom of speech and hate speech: a Brazilian perspective Learn More

Privacy: challenges and opportunities

There 's a searchlight over your head that lights up everything you do. Can you feel safe? Learn More

Law and Entrepreneurship

Law as fundamental knowledge for successful entrepreneurs Learn More

Blockchain: theory and application

Understand the technology that attracted glances around the world Learn More

Music Production: a legal perspective

An overview of the production chain of music for lawyers and the music industry Learn More

Humour and Hate speech on the Internet

Course on the balance between responsibility and freedom in humor speech Learn More

Journalism in the digital era

The new golden rules of journalism in the Digital Age Learn More

CopyrightX: ITS

A partnership with Harvard University and the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj) Learn More