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Blockchain is changing the way companies do business and the way governments interact with constituents. Blockchain can help secure payments, create digital identification cards, electronically administer elections, and monitor supply chains. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the world’s two most well-known digital currencies, are both powered by blockchain technology. 

Experts have also called blockchain the world’s most influential innovation since the internet. Some argue that Web 3, a blockchain powered innovation, may one day take over the internet. Web 3, also known as the decentralized internet, is the successor to Web 2, the current version of the internet. Web 3 is more decentralized and potentially more efficient than the current internet. Web 3 promises more freedom over personal data and more user specific guiding principles. 

Blockchain for Social Impact is an initiative at the Institute for Technology & Society (ITS) to improve access to blockchain education and to discuss the socio-economic potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain for Social Impact also seeks to focus on these issues in Brazil and across the Global South. 

Blockchain For Social Impact will host a series of accessible briefs that will explain the basics of blockchain and articles on socio-economic innovations in the blockchain space. The first brief will dive into the problem blockchain seeks to solve. It will tackle issues like distributed ledgers and hash functions and the underlying technology behind blockchain. Ensuing briefs will tackle topics such as NFTs, cryptocurrency regulation, and blockchain startups in Brazil. 

Mohammad Zia (Sinclair-Kennedy Traveling Fellow – Harvard University & International Fellow – ITS) is collaborating with members of the broader ITS team to curate Blockchain For Social Impact. If you have questions or would like to explore a contribution/collaboration please contact Mohammad at 


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