Blockchain and Social Impact: fostering the socioeconomic impact of technology

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ITS announces the launch of the “Blockchain for Social Impact” project

Blockchain is revolutionizing how companies do business and governments interact with their constituents. But did you know that it can help everything from creating solutions for more secure payment methods, digital identification, electronic voting systems, and even supply chain tracking? Yet, despite its growing impact on the economy, most people don’t know or understand much about this technology.

Aiming to qualify and foster the debate on the socioeconomic potential of blockchain, ITS developed a project called “Blockchain for Social Impact.” The initiative is carried out in partnership with researchers and specialists in technology and will promote a series of discussions and publish content explaining the basic concepts and innovations in blockchain in a simple and accessible way.

The Varanda ITS #117 marks the project’s official launch, delves into the challenges that blockchain seeks to tackle, and addresses issues such as NFTs, cryptocurrency regulation, and blockchain-based startups in Brazil. To this end, we invited Thamilla Talarico, an expert in blockchain innovations and business applications and the head of Technology and Data Protection at Daniel Law; Marcelo Castro, a senior attorney at Machado Meyer Advogados; and Mohammad Zia, from Harvard Law School, an international fellow at ITS with a focus on governance and financial inclusion in the blockchain, digital currency, and financial technology sector. The event will be mediated by Janaina Costa, a senior Law and Technology researcher at ITS.


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