What is Creative Commons

This book aims to discuss Creative Commons in a clear and accessible way for the international reader


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Published in English

Copyright is a prominent subject being debated across the globe. If, in the past, Copyright only mattered for those who published books, recorded songs or made movies, today Copyright is related to all Internet users. After all, the latest technological development has allowed cultural goods to be created and accessed, every day, in the digital era.

However, the Brazilian Copyright Law is not suitable to contemporary practices. This is the reason why innovative initiatives emerging in accordance to the law and whose purpose is to bring the artist closer to the public are gaining momentum. This book is about one of these initiatives: the Creative Commons licenses.

Through Creative Commons licenses, authors can communicate to the public how their work can be used. Through a variety of six licenses (which allows from simple copies to commercial exploitation, depending on the author‘s choice), the licensed works can foster education, encourage the creation of derivative work and allow collaborative projects. All of that, based on the author´s wishes and aimed at promoting a more creative world.