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Digital Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean

This book is a window into the current state of Latin American Society regarding technology and... Learn More

Fake News and Filter Bubble

Building ways out of the news feed bubble and towards a new digital literacy. Learn More

Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights: A Closer Look

Different views on the creation and regulation of the Brazil's Internet Bill of Rights for the... Learn More

Algorithm Transparency and Governance: a case study of the Credit Bureau Sector

The present study assesses the way credit bureaus (‘CB’) make use of personal data. Learn More

Amicus Curiae on the dangers of the ‘right to be forgotten’ in France

18 expert non-governmental organisations from across the world have filed legal submissions... Learn More

Makerspaces and Digital Literacy in Rio de Janeiro

Empowerment of community networks based on the Lan Houses' transformations Learn More

Special series: Law and Internet in Brazil

Series of articles about Law and Internet in Brazil Learn More

Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights: Theory and Practice

Analysis of the debate, creation and implementation of Brazil's Internet Bill of Rights. Learn More

Amicus curiae against blockages

Amicus curiae petitions filled to the Federal Supreme Court to end blockings practices. Learn More

Mudamos Report: Public Security

Compilation of the debate cycle at Mudamos platform in 2016. Learn More

Mudamos Report: Political Reform

Citizens' proposals for a democratic Political Reform Learn More

Legal aspects of the sharing economy

Social function and trust: analysing the law in Brazil. Learn More

My chip, my rights

Subcutaneous chips and its impacts upon the protection of privacy. Learn More

Liability for Damage Caused by Content Produced by Third Parties

How are courts making internet providers liable in light of the Internet Bill of Rights? Learn More

Digital Law: a Retrospective 2016

The ten highlights in digital rights in 2016. Learn More

Courts should honour humour

Article published at ConJur about freedom of speech and humour. Learn More

Public domain and Copyright Law in Brazil

Social, economic and legal of public domain in culture and in arts Learn More

Copyright on the Internet and the use of Third Party Works

Internet and the need to rethink copyright globally Learn More

From the bottom up

Debating culture and its interface with creative economy. Learn More

Connectivity at Risk

Report on the impact of blockage of non-registered mobile phones in Brazil Learn More

Cybercrimes Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry: an analysis

ITS Rio contribution to the Cybercrimes Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry Learn More

Intensive Use of the Road System in São Paulo: an Economic Analysis

ITS Rio contribution to the public consultation on the intensive use of the road system Learn More

Evaluation: Broadband at Schools Programme

Analysis on the precarious situation of connectivity in Brazilian Schools and proposals for... Learn More

Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

Principles for the protection of human rights on the Internet. Learn More

Analysing Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights

ITS Rio contributed to the debate on Brazil's Internet Bill of Rights Learn More

Copyright in Brazil: an analysis

Analysis of the Brazilian law on copyright and its impact on education Learn More

Revista Observatório Itaú Cultural – No. 16

This edition debates privacy, copyright, freedom of speech, limits and possibilities of do it... Learn More

Age ratings: regional challenges

Research on the regional challenges of age ratings in Brazil Learn More

Notes on the Creation and Impacts of Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights

An overview of the process behind the creation of Brazil's Internet Bill of Rights Learn More

Open Data: International Perspective

Article on the state of the Open Government Data initiative in Brazil Learn More

Annual Report | 2016

Content referring to actions taken between 2014 and 2015. It brings a good sample of the... Learn More

Big Data in Global South Project

Big Data challenges in the Global South: an analysis with a specific look at the Brazilian case Learn More

What is Creative Commons

This book aims to discuss Creative Commons in a clear and accessible way for the international... Learn More

Global Censorship: shifting modes, persisting paradigms

Fourth book in the Access to Knowledge (A2K) series, published by the Access to Knowledge Global... Learn More

Designing Web 2.0 Tools for Online Public Consultation

How certain Web 2.0 tools can strengthen or minimize some aspects of political communication? Learn More

Legal Position on the Right to be Forgotten

Position on right to be forgotten presented at Unesco by Ronaldo Lemos, Director of ITS Rio Learn More

Multistakeholder as Governance Groups

ITS Rio's contribution to the publication "Multistakeholder as Governance Groups" Learn More

Stakes are High: Brazil and the Future of the Internet

Essays to capture most of the Internet discussions that took place in the period prior to the... Learn More