Good ID in Latin America


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Digital identity is essential for the sustainable digital transformation of society, the public sector and the economy.

Digital identity has different meanings and interpretations in different contexts. It can be understood as a login and password on social media or a shared identification check between banks. For a given country, digital identity can mean the mere digitization of existing legal identifications. Another approach is to consider digital identity as integrated to other identification systems, a right and an infrastructure for the digital transformation of society. The latter is the vision on which this report is based on and supports.

The question that arises is: Under what circumstances can digital identification be a tool for inclusion or pose a risk to the rights of individuals?

Amid this dilemma comes the global Good ID movement, which seeks to recognize and promote the development technology for identification  that guarantee privacy, add value to the user, without discrimination and without leaving no one behind.

This report aims to address that question and inform the debate about digital identities in Latin America. Please have a good and critical reading.


For further information about the project, click here. Access the report in Portuguese and Spanish.