An application aimed at promoting civic consciousness and protecting personal data developed by the Court of Justice of Santa Catarina (TJSC)

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LGPDjus, a tool for exercising civic consciousness

How about having an application in the palm of your hand that allows you to learn more about the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and make requests related to personal data privacy and protection? LGPDJus is a digital solution for smartphones that disseminates information about the rights of holders of personal data provided in the LGPD and allows the general population to obtain information and measures on the processing of their data easily and remotely.

A pioneering app

LGPDjus was developed by the Institute for Technology and Society (ITS) through a technical cooperation agreement signed with the Tribunal de Justiça de Santa Catarina (TJSC) and up to its launch in October 2021, it had no similar alternative in Brazil. The app expands the communication channels with the party in charge of data processing at the Santa Catarina Judicial Branch (PJSC) and provides a faster, safer, and more efficient service to data holders.

The project also features the partnership of the Innovation and Intelligence Lab of the Brazilian Magistrates Association (AMBLab)  and the support of the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) under the Digital Access Program.


Since it was based on open-source development, using only free software platforms, all the infrastructure and systems employed to design LGPDjus can be replicated to the needs of other agencies, with low investment and high autonomy to maintain the proposed solution.


Through the application, the TJSC offers specific services to the population:

To this end, access and security levels are applied as the user progresses in using the services, according to their criticality.
Free access: Anyone can access information about the LGPD or the links to the TJSC portal and learn more about their rights without having to identify themselves.


Level 1 Security | Basic subscription: When requesting confirmation of the processing of personal information by TJSC, such as their CPF number or address, for example, the user will need to go through a quick registration process.
Level 2 Security | Advanced subscription: To receive detailed information about the processing of their personal data and request changes or removals, citizens must validate their identity through a registration process performed through document verification.

All transactions performed on LGPDjus, including the validation of the user’s account, are recorded using blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the information that flows through the application. In addition, to ensure total security of the process, the application functions only as a contact interface between the user and the government agency, without any digital integration with the databases and systems maintained by the agency.
The app also has a functional administrative panel for government agencies to manage requests from holders of personal data and offers a dashboard visualization feature, which optimizes all the processing involved. Communication with users is also done through this interface to send notifications in the application, enabling the tracking of services and user interaction.

LGPDjus is a smartphone platform designed as a simple and intuitive interface and equipped with technologies that require basic resources to operate without needing a personal digital certificate. Thus, it favors digital inclusion and allows access to services related to the rights of personal data holders by the general population, making LGPDjus a tool for exercising civic consciousness.

Do you wish to contribute or learn more about the project?

Send an email to anacarolina@itsrio.org.