Cybercrimes Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry: an analysis

ITS Rio contribution to the Cybercrimes Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry


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Published in Portuguese

This publication develops an analysis of the third version of the report on the Cybercrimes Parliamentary Committee Commission, published in 30/03/2016 and updated in 26/04/2016. It analyses some of the issues addressed by the Commission that directly affect the pillars of Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights and the functioning of Internet in Brazil.

The document defends that the combat to crimes practiced on the Internet is legitimate and of relevance to the population. However, in the past years, with the emergence of the Internet and of digital technologies, Brazilian law went through an intense reform to address the combat of cybercrimes. ITS Rio understands that many of the proposals formulated by the Commission are not only unnecessary, but also disproportionate, once the law was already modified. Its practical effect could be interpreted as a control and censorship system that exceeds what is necessary to combat cybercrimes, which is already covered in Brazilian law.