Mudamos Report: Public Security

Compilation of the debate cycle at Mudamos platform in 2016.


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Published in Portuguese

Public security is one of the major challenges in Brazil. The advancements in inequality reduction and expansion of public policies in the past couple of decades contrast with the rise in violence indicators and the imobility observed in public security policies. Even if the exhaustion of the current framework is clear, there is an absence of a more profound debate in order to develop alternatives.

In October 2015, Mudamos platform, committed to the promotion of informed discussions and to shedding light on relevant issues for Brazilian society, invited Brazilians to present their ideas and build upon a proposal debate to the institutional architecture of the Brazilian System of Public Security.

The organization of police departments, which did not suffer major alterations during the Constitution of 1988, is determined in article 144 and any reformulations must be made through a Proposal for Constitutional Amendment (PEC). The discussion based on Proposal for Constitutional Amendment 51 was promoted by one of its creators, Luiz Eduardo Soares, specialist in public security. The challenge was accepted by ITS Rio as an opportunity with a great amount of responsibility. From the hundreds of amendment proposals being reviewed in Congress about public security, PEC 51 is considered the most compreheensive one, as it includes proposals that contemplate accumulated knowledge by specialists in the area.

Besides allowing for consensus, debate and creation of new proposals, ITS Rio goal was to involve the maximum possible of actors, ranging from police forces to civil society representatives, investigating which public security model better suits our historic, political and social contexts.

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