GovTech: studies and practices

Cooperation to build knowledge on governments and technology


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The Institute for Technology and Society of Rio (ITS Rio) and the Brava Foundation are building practical knowledge on the emerging opportunities for governments’ use of technology. The purpose of the research is to map the ongoing initiatives in the public sector (both national and international).

The recent efforts of Brazilian Government in this sense, such as the strategic plan for digital transformation, reveals that the country has sought to engage more and more with the citizens’ demands and needs in the 21st century. Nonetheless, there is a considerable gap between strategy and execution. The fast advancement of digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain entail heavy impacts, mainly with regards to transparency, accountability, bureaucracy, innovative capacity and privacy, placing the public sector on the center of opportunity for innovation. The issue here is the need of moving from an electronic government towards the comprehensive development of a digital one.

The partnership among ITS Rio and the Brava Foundation aims to propose desired pathways for Brazil’s integration in the international community.