Public domain and Copyright Law in Brazil

Social, economic and legal of public domain in culture and in arts


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Published in Portuguese

Copyright is a fairly recent area of study within legal science. It was developed between 18th and 19th centuries and it was consolidated in the 20th century, ruling over businesses presented in material formats (paperback books, video and audio tapes, among others). With the emergence of the internet and digital culture, these certainties were shaken: intermediaries were often disposable and, now, cultural industry needs to reinvent itself to survive.

It is not the first time this occurs and it will, probably, not be the last. The silver line is that copyrights are now debated by the whole of society, since the topic is of general interest. New models have arisen and public domain is one of them. In this book, Sérgio Branco (director at ITS Rio) addresses the issue of public domain on copyrights in Brazil.



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