Copyright on the Internet and the use of Third Party Works

Internet and the need to rethink copyright globally


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Published in Portuguese

Author’s copyright has been transformed into producer’s, distributer’s and seller’s copyrights. In the name of its moral aspect, the others are remunerated, as it is observable in any contract of copyright transfer. However, as professor Sérgio Branco argues, the current creative world is hardly individualized and he exemplifies this with collaborative ways of creating and distributing content, such as blogs, social media, e-mails, p2p networks and so many other tools of the Web 2.0. This points into the direction of rethinking and adapting this theoretical framework, which is the main question addressed by the author.

Sérgio Branco uses the Internet to as a tool to reimagine copyright to fit society’s needs, through jurisprudence, new legislation or new licensing contracts. The book addresses and presents solutions for this issue.


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