Open Banking and Data Protection


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At the end of the last century, when one imagined the future, the concept that people would pay bills, take care of their finances and do banking online, seemed to be the object of science fiction. It is no longer. This is already the scenario of the financial sector that we have today, it reached yet another level of evolution: the era of open banking. Data and services are shared through an open and interoperable system. To generate security and trust, there is a need to link open banking with a robust data protection framework. 

In order to analyze the opportunities for innovation and new business models in this open financial system, the report examines a crucial factor for its responsible and sound functioning: data protection. With an analysis of the history of open banking, the report explores the potential gains and challenges for this new financial system under the lens of data protection.



Janaina Costa, Leonardo Heringer e Mario Viola


Celina Bottino e Christian Perrone