Report Disinformation Risk Assessment: The Online News Market in Brazil

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This report presents conclusions regarding the risks of misinformation to the media market in Brazil. For the development of the study, the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) and the Institute for Technology & Society  (ITS) assessed 35 Brazilian news sites between April and August 2021.

No sites are named and profiled in this report, even those that are rated as a minimum-risk sites and/or score above a 95 on one of the two pillars – Content and Operations. All sites included in the report were informed of their individual scores and risk ratings, however all included were informed of their individual scores and risk ratings in order to allow for engagement and feedback.


Authors: Debora Albu, Thayane Guimarães, Andréa Doyle, Carla Rodrigues, Redson Fernando and Ana Carolina Benelli