Disinformation Risks of Brazilian Online Media

palestrantes Andréa Doyle, Debora Albu, Emanuele Brandi e mais 1.

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ITS holds event in partnership with Global Disinformation Index – GDI

As the media ecosystem has expanded into the online environment, news production and distribution transformations have exposed the industry to new risks of misinformation. News sites rely on financial incentives to spread disinformation as a way to increase their online traffic and, ultimately, their advertising revenues. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most impactful examples of how fake news can undermine public health and safety.

As part of our series Varanda ITS #107, we will launch the report “Disinformation Risk Assessment: The Online News Market in Brazil”. Based on a study of 35 news domains, this document brings conclusions about the risks of disinformation for the media market in Brazil. The findings are part of a study conducted by the Global Disinformation Index – GDI in partnership with ITS from April to August 2021.

The survey and the recommendations based on international principles and good journalism practices are of great value to policymakers, news sites and portals, and the advertising technology industry in general, as they contribute to tackling the funding of misinformation. To present the report, we have invited Andréa Doyle, Researcher and co-author, and Emanuele Brandi, Lead Product Manager at GDI, who will summarize the most relevant analyses and findings. Also participating in the launch the Journalist and Senior Researcher on Democracy and Technology at ITS, Thayane Guimarães, and the Coordinator on Democracy and Technology at ITS, Debora Albu.


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