LGPD (Brazilian General Data Protection Law) and The Public Sector


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This report aims to assist the difficult task fulfilled by Public Authorities of processing personal data. The report presents lines of interpretation on provisions of the LGPD regarding its application in the public sector.

There are several new rules that were created by the new LGPD law, regarding personal data sharing, transparency, and exclusive authorization of personal data processing to public entities. There is also the projection of different sanctions depending on the public organ’s existent (or non-existent) competitive regime.

This report does not aim to conclude on this topic or replace any necessary analysis by public entities or bodies involved in personal data processing and management of databases. This document serves as a tool to generate awareness on the importance of change, not just culturally, but in management and governance of personal data.

All these issues will be addressed clearly in the guide, along with working examples of the impact of the new rules. This will allow authentic change regarding the LGPD and promote knowledge on the topic.