The screen is no index to the intentions behind it: Challenges to children’s and young people’s data protection in digital environments

palestrantes Janaina Costa

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Online event held in partnership with Instituto Alana and supported by the UK Digital Access Programme

We live in the era of first generations born and raised in a hyper-digitalization and massive datafication setting. The moment a child or young person opens an app, plays a game or downloads a website, data collection begins. As part of a digitally connected society, we started being tracked and profiled and this can cause significant impacts on our future and our rights.

Banks use collected information to decide on loans, insurers to decide on premiums, and recruiters and employers to decide on vacancies. In addition, data analytics are already being used in law enforcement and courts in other countries to determine whether someone is a potential criminal or likely to reoffend. In this context, what are the consequences of the data-driven society for children and young people who are going through a peculiar phase of development and should have the space to make mistakes and experiement?

At Varanda ITS #102, we invited experts in technology, data protection and online service providers to participate in a debate about the challenge of protecting children’s and young people’s personal data in online environments. We will be discussing the need to define standards for treating data and explain how the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) applies in the context of children using digital services. Participants attending the debate include Marília Monteiro, Global Public Policy at TikTok, Miriam Wimmer, Director of the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD) and Josh Golin, Executive Director at Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC). Mediating the debate will be Janaina Costa, Law and Technology researcher at ITS, and Pedro Hartung, lawyer and legal policy coordinator at Instituto Alana.

Note: This event is accessible. We will provide simultaneous translation interpreters, real-time subtitles in Portuguese and sign language interpreters.


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