Blockchain: projects and products from ITS Rio

A small sample of our initiatives regarding blockchain technology.


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Blockchain technology is emerging as the biggest technological trend of the early 21th century. Mainstream media and companies around the world are now trying to find new ways to implement this technology, starting their own research and development labs. Considering this context, our team strongly believes that with the appropriate incentives, blockchain technology can play a critical role in emerging economies, especially in Latin America, where lack of trust has always been an important issue.

For the past four years, the Institute of Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (ITS Rio) has been directly responsible for the promotion of open source protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in Brazil, especially through Bitcoin Hub and Blockchain Hub projects. Because of these joint efforts, we have now a vibrant community of users and passionate enthusiasts for this technology. Given these results, we continuously encourage the organization of events and the dissemination of knowledge in the country, especially those that will contribute to strengthen the Brazilian community as a producer of blockchain-based applications.

Check some of our products and projects in this area.


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