Network of Centers (NoC)

Integrated research network on technology, Internet and Law to leverage global positive impacts

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The Network of Centers (NoC) congregates academic institutions with the focus on interdisciplinary research to debate and influence the social, political and juridical impact of issues related to the internet. In 2016, ITS Rio assumed the leadership of the network for two years and it is responsible for organizing international encounters and thematic publications, among other initiatives.

The main research centers on Internet and Technology are part of the network such as the Institute Alexander Von Humbolt for the Internet and Society (Germany), Berkman Center for the Internet and Society (Harvard, U.S.), Centre for Internet and Society (India), Keio University SFC (Japan), Media Lab and Civic Media (MIT, U.S.), NEXA Center for Internet and Society (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Oxford Internet Institute (Oxford, U.K.), among others.