Pokémon GO and Augmented Reality

palestrantes Arthur Protasio, Mathieu de Fayet

past event


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In the virtual and augmented reality world, battle is waged between headsets — Morpheus vs. HoloLens, Vive vs. Rift. Which device holds the key to our next “real” world? But what if the future of augmented and virtual reality rests on a device in your pocket? Mathieu de Fayet, VP Strategic Partnerships at Niantic Labs, the innovative studio behind Ingress and pioneers of ” real world gaming”, examined the future of augmented reality and its next big platform: the smartphone. Moreover, he discussed how augmented reality bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds and how developers and brands can harness it. Arthur Protasio, founder of Fableware productions and narrative designer, analysed new ways of creating and telling stories in gaming.

Date: June 07th, 2016


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