Pokémon GO and Augmented Reality

Varanda ITS #27: virtual and augmented reality is already available for billions of people around... Learn More

Digital Racist Speech in Latin America: Narratives and Counter-narratives

Varanda ITS #24: how to transform hate speech in positive and transformative social ideas. Learn More

Avant-garde, Underground and Piracy

Varanda ITS #23: the history of the movements outside the system and how they transform it. Learn More

Surveillance and the Internet

Varanda ITS #21: surveillance practices have become the rule. How can we protect ourselves? Learn More

Privacy and Data Protection

Varanda ITS #19: Principles regarding global citizens' privacy. Learn More

Smart: Fragmented Internet

Varanda ITS #18: how countries around the world created their own Internet(s). Learn More

Hacking Policy in the Digital Age

Varanda ITS #15: data leaks, cyberwar and global crises. Learn More

Marginalized communities in the Digital Age

Varanda ITS #14: global peripheries and development of digital opportunities. Learn More

Why Information Grows?

Varanda ITS #12: the world is a large database of organized information. Learn More

Participation, Democracy and Technology

Varanda ITS #11: the traditional democratic system is in crisis. It is necessary to experiment... Learn More

Privacy and Surveillance

Varanda ITS #09: we gathered two of the most important organized groups against surveillance for... Learn More

(Un)predictable future: first and second sessions

Varandas ITS #05: ITS Global Fellows present their visions on the Internet. Learn More

Cybersecurity: China and the U.S.

Varanda ITS #01: China's great firewall and global cybersecurity. Learn More